What is CompTIA A+? Top 3 Reasons why the new CompTIA A + should win

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When you run a business, be it a small business or a large business, you probably know exactly how important it is to have a qualified IT department. There is a reason why many companies are increasing their IT budgets.

Whether you want to strengthen your cybersecurity, stay on the cutting edge of cloud computing, or take advantage of virtualization and big data, a robust IT department can help.

For this reason, it might be a good idea to receive CompTIA A + certification from your IT staff. If you want more information about CompTIA A + certification and support for your IT staff, read on!

The CompTIA A + certification is in high demand these days, as it serves as the basis for an individual's IT career. The preferred qualification for technical support engineer and IT operations is considered. By participating in the CompTIA Certification Training, a person can improve their problem-solving skills to better address problems ranging from security to mobile devices, operating systems, and CompTIA Network + systems. A + is the certificate of choice for many companies such as Dell, Intel, and HP when they are considered candidates for the service technician positions. It helps connect users with the data they need to perform their tasks, regardless of the device they access.

3 Reasons why the new CompTIA A + should win

Every release of a new version of CompTIA A + opens the debate on the value of certification. It's one of those problems that separate industry professionals. Also, in 2019.

Many people say it is not worth the time and cost to achieve certification status. Others seem to think that this is an absolute necessity for anyone entering the IT industry. The truth, like many other things, is probably nearer to the middle.

Let's take a closer look at the arguments for and against this initial certification and analyze the top 3 reasons why you should receive the new CompTIA A + certification.

  1. By completing the new CompTIA A + certification, you can overcome bots in human resources

Some critics may argue that the new A + is only suitable for activating a checkbox when applying for a job. However, the software for scanning human resources can be challenging to overcome. So who does not want to have an advantage?

The CompTIA A + certification is worthwhile when it comes to entry-level jobs. It is recognized as one of the first certifications that potential IT professionals need to receive. Validate sufficient general knowledge and skills on computers and networks to be useful. It's not meant to be a super certification that goes beyond experience, but it does show employers two things.

First, you are ready to learn and advance your career. Second, it shows that you can study and pass an exam. Whether you like it or not, certifications are part of the job.

Believe it or not, winning CompTIA A + put you in the black with no certification. That's not a given when you're just starting. With A +, you can get entry-level IT jobs such as desktop support or technical support technology.

The new CompTIA Project+ is a good start. It provides the simple for later bigger and better roles. The A + even has the DoD seal of approval if you want to work for the US government.

  1. The new CompTIA A + certification confirms that you know the basics of IT

A + critics say the test is useful only as a primary IT literacy test. But does that seem like a good thing? The A + certificate does not grant you a leadership position or a coveted technical position, but it has its place in your Certification Toolbox.

If you are new to IT, you can learn the basics by studying for exams. The A + exam can only consist of 90 questions, but you don't know what queries you have.

For fans, A + be a little easier, and it helps you validate your knowledge. If you have already built a PC and installed operating systems, you had quickly passed the 700 series exams years ago. However, the latest A + exams released this month are about IT security, cloud concepts, and scripts that an amateur may not have touched yet.

It is easier to get a job with a certification. The existence of the new CompTIA A + confirms that you are well versed in the industry. The experience of the fans is excellent. You undoubtedly succeed in a support role, but this experience does not have the same authority in a resume compared to the A + certification. Certifications are a guarantee of fundamental competence for an employer. And that is what a person needs if they have no IT experience.

  1. Solve everyday problems faster with A + certification

Why should you get your hands dirty in times of Service Level Agreements? You can call the provider and have the issues resolved. But would not it be faster if you could do it yourself?

Yes, most organizations indeed Send their service technicians to repair most of the hardware on-site. However, some manufacturers ask you to solve initial problems with them by phone. It's easier if you can reduce it properly. A + can help: The new checks cover many operating systems and show that you can trust a screwdriver. After all, not everyone should open a computer, printer, or server.

An added benefit: If you take the time to solve the printer problem, you are the hero of the office. It does not happen very often with IT professionals.

Is it worth the CompTIA A +?

Achieving the A + certificate can open many doors for you. Either network or IT security: with the new A +, you get the basic knowledge you need to succeed in all areas of IT. If you're ready to focus on specific suppliers, your A + certification was worth it.

There are many reasons to buy an A + certificate. So don't get carried away by detractors. Even if your ambitions in the IT industry are high, the A + certification not harm you. Certificate collection shows a strong commitment to learning and updating your skills.

Jobs that require or benefit from CompTIA A + certification

CompTIA A + is the industry standard for setting up an IT career and the preferred qualified credential for technical IT support and operational capabilities. Jobs as a support specialist, field technician, desk support analyst, and help desk level 2 support leverage the skills that have been confirmed by the CompTIA A + certification.

Also, companies such as Intel, Dell, Ricoh, Nissan, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield, as well as HP, are seeking to obtain CompTIA A + certification.

What jobs can you get with a+ certification:

  •         Service Desk Analyst
  •         Specialist of the technical assistance service
  •         Technical Support
  •         Associated Network Engineer
  •         Technician Support Data
  •         Desktop Support Manager
  •         End-user computer technician
  •         IT Help Engineer

· Specialist for system support        

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